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The 5 Soul Wounds and How to Heal Them

After hitting rock bottom and realizing I have to do healing work on my psyche, I went to one of my favorite places in this world: the Library. While I’ve been an avid reader since early childhood, and I’ve read countless books, I hadn’t checked the psychology aisles so much and in such depth as I started after my struggles with PTSD.

One of the books I discovered during this phase of my healing was written by Lise Bourbeau. It explained about the 5 wounds, and after reading it, I love the extra clarity it brought for me.


The 5 Soul Wounds

At the basis of every hurt and trauma stands one of the 5 core soul wounds:

I think that all of us have had experiences that wounded us. That these traumas still linger for many of us. We would experience different news if we lived in a world where our collective was truly healed and living with Love.


How To Heal The Wounds

First, we must recognize the importance of our thoughts and the impact that they have on us. And be gentle with ourselves while we go through the painful emotions. It’s natural that we experience painful emotions when we go through trauma. Being told we shouldn’t or being shamed for how we feel is as if we’d be condemned for bleeding after having an open wound.

It might take us a while to move forward after trauma and to heal our wounds. It is possible, especially when we take up a spiritual practice suited for us.

Lastly, Forgiveness plays an important role in our healing. Being willing to forgive instead of holding on to the resentment and hurt is essential. It’s the key to becoming free from the chains and wounds that bind us to our suffering.

And, when we do reach that state of acceptance and the wounds become scars, we’ll notice that we’ve become more resilient after the experience. If any wound is to be inflicted again, we’ll be able to get back up and heal faster and faster.


Join the Healing Journeys

If you want to dive deeper into the psyche and heal your wounds, I welcome you on the Cleansing with the Elements Journey. It is a meditation series I created for my inner healing, and I’m sure you’d benefit from the assistance from the elements of Water, Air, Fire and Earth to help you release your troubles and restore your peace of mind when you need it. You can get access to it when you sign up for my weekly newsletter.

And, if you are a poetry lover and you know the healing power of Art, the lyrical journey I created through my first book Embraced by Love is definitely for you. It takes one from trauma to healing and love through 111 poems, and it’s like ointment for the Soul.


Hope this article has been helpful for you!

With Love,


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