Alma Lewtom

Illustrated Children’s Book

A Story About Creating Repair After Rupture in Relationships


After a stormy fight with his brother, Aion is heart-broken. He goes to his grandmother, who teaches him how to heal his pain. After learning how to forgive, and return to inner calmness and joy, Aion makes peace with his brother.

A Story about dealing with conflict in a healthy way, After The Storm Comes The Sun teaches children about healing painful emotions and creating repair after rupture in relationships.


After The Storm Comes The Sun-Illustrated Children's Book

This Illustrated Children’s Book is the perfect starting point for meaningful conversations around:

♡ Emotional Intelligence & Growth
♡ Learning to solve arguments
♡ Forgiveness & Reconciliation
♡ Creating Trust & Strengthening Bonds, to ensure Relationship Harmony
♡ Conflict Resolution: learning to deal with conflict in peaceful ways; and at grander scale, thus contributing to creating a World where Humanity experiences more Unity, Love & Peace.


Pages.22-23-Illustrated Children's Book

Through the story of the book and the main character’s experience, we learn about navigating and solving disagreements, emotional expression, how to handle difficult emotions, and self-acceptance. We learn about the power of forgiveness, and the possibility of repairing after a rupture occurs in a relationship.

After The Storm Comes The Sun-Illustrated Children's Book

A Final Message:

I Hope This Book Will Truly Be A Great Gift in Your Life! ♡

With Love,

Alma Lewtom