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The Importance Of Spiritual Practice for Healing

The physical, the mental, the emotional and the spiritual levels are deeply interconnected. A disturbance on the level of the unseen might reflect itself as sickness on the level of the seen. For healing to occur effectively, it is necessary for us to tackle it on all levels — otherwise put, to work on it at the level of causation, and not only effects.


Health & The Metaphysical

When we experience an ailment of any kind, it is always connected to the metaphysical. Every physical disease has roots in energetic imbalances. Before a physical or mental ailment occurs, an energetic disturbance had already knocked us off on some level.

It is only when we are separated from the spring of spiritual well-being that we externalize symptoms of disease. Re-establishing our connection to Spirit is the first step to returning to a state of health.


Healing Sickness At The Level of the Metaphysical

If any physical disease emerges, healing should be taken on not only at the level of the physical, but also the mental, the emotional and the spiritual.

Most times, the reasons why ailments appear in our lives are related to guilt and lack of forgiveness. Even if the guilt is unconscious to us and it is related to events of the past which we have swept under the rug of forgetfulness, it can still re-surface for us under the form of illness.

Thus, at the level of the metaphysical, healing requires weeding out guilt from our lives. And then, hydrating ourselves with forgiveness. Sometimes, reaching a state of forgiveness on the level of the spiritual suffices. Sometimes, making reparations on the level of the physical is required. Each situation carries with it its own lesson and its own resolution. What is certain is, that guilt is related to sickness and that healing the illness requires resolution of the guilt, as A Course in Miracles also beautifully states:

Atonement heals with certainty and cures all sickness. For the mind which understands the sickness can be nothing but a dream is not deceived by forms the dream may take. Sickness where guilt is absent cannot come, for it is but another form of guilt. Atonement does not heal the sick, for that is not a cure. It takes away the guilt that makes the sickness possible. And that is cure indeed.


Spiritual Practice: The Means for Healing

In a concrete manner, the means for healing and preventing ailments is through spiritual practice. I believe that each of us who are interested in spiritual practice needs to experiment with the forms which speak the most to us, until we can make the practice second nature to us.

Along my spiritual path, I’ve discovered that different forms of meditation, prayer, and applying the lessons from A Course in Miracles — as well as the act of creating Art — work great for me. I encourage anyone who is willing to open themselves up to the spiritual realms — especially if they need healing — to experiment with different forms of spiritual practice until they find the ones that suit them. After all, the means are different, the outcome is the same.


All in all, I hope you’ve enjoyed this article where I’ve done my best to explain the connection between the metaphysical disturbances which cause sickness and how to heal them through spiritual practice. I hope that miracles of healing will envelop all the souls who need healing on the planet. Join me in reading this poem from Part V. Matters of the Metaphysical of my book Embraced by Love, and let’s send myriads of thoughts of Healing Miracles towards our Planet:


I have seen
for sure
when connected to
All That Is
Miracles occur


Much Love,


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