Alma Lewtom
Art by Alma Lewtom


Welcome to my virtual World!

This is Your Invitation to discover it Word for Word,
Image by Image,
Page by Page.

It’ll be cute, maybe sometimes strange,
and hopefully always inspiring change.

The Bottom Line is this:
For You, I have Gifts.

Please put on Your Exploring Hat,
and enter with a Curious Mind and Heart.

You can learn more about my Life Story here,
and if you want to know even more,

You’re kindly invited to head over to the Blog
the outpicturing of my internal log.

Thank You, Thank You for being here, virtually —
and wherever you are, physically,
please know,
I’m sending You much Love!

Lots of warm wishes,

P.S. You’ve gathered by now — I love word play,
Thursday is email day,
do You want a weekly message from me,
that only in Your inbox You can see?

Alma Lewtom