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Cleansing Air

Cleansing and Purification (II): The Element of Air

Our Cleansing and Purification with the Elements Journey continues this time with the element of Air. Last week, we experienced a deep inner healing from the element of Water, and this week we will ask for assistance from the element of Air. I hope you're excited about it!   Air, The Creative Breath of Life The Element of ...
Cleansing with Water

Cleansing and Purification (I): The Element of Water

Cleansing and Purification are necessary in the process of healing any kind of mental and emotional trauma or physical disease. When we are traumatized, the hurtful thoughts and emotions that mud our energetic field affect us like pollution affects the environment. It is part of the healing process to cleanse and purify ourselves of all the ...
Resilience after Heartbreak

Resilience: The Strength To Get Back Up After Falling

While it would be great if our lives were full of happiness and sunshine all the time, the reality is that so many of us experience hardship and struggle. Difficult experiences might bring us down in dark places flavored with painful feelings such heartbreak or rage. The strongest of us do get back up after heartbreaking ...

Forgiveness: The Key to Inner Freedom

Who hasn't had painful interactions which leave us wounded and in pain? I'm sure that at some point or another, everyone has gone through some sort of transgression that had them feeling hurt. Such wounding can often envelop us like a cage we can't escape. Yet there is a key to Freedom, and that is ...