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The Heart Journey (I): 7 Ways To Create Heart Coherence

Welcome to the The Heart Journey! I’m so happy you’re here.

This journey is meant to deepen our connection to our heart, and to bring forth the full expression of its aliveness. For this purpose I created a meditation named Awaken The Power of Your Heart that you can access here, and a unique journal: My Heart Journal.

We’ll also deepen this inner exploration through 3 articles that will bring more insight to The Heart Journey: creating heart coherence, unlocking your intuition, and bringing your deepest desires to Life.

In this blog post, we’ll discuss Heart Coherence: what it is, how to create it, and why. Let’s begin:


What Is Heart Coherence?

I first learnt about Heart Coherence when I read Dr. Nicole LePera’s book How To Be The Love You Seek. It made me curious, and so afterwards I read the HeartMath Institute’s Science of The Heart booklet, that Dr. Nicole refers to in her book. It fascinated me, and all the time spent studying these materials inspired me to create The Heart Journey.

Needless to say, Heart Coherence is beautifully, accurately and more broadly described in the resources mentioned above, so if you want to know more about it, I encourage you to check them out.

In this blog post, I’ll give you a short description of Heart Coherence, as I understand it. When we experience this state of being, our heartbeat intervals are harmoniously rhythmical, we experience uplifting emotions, our intuition and creativity are heightened, we are more cognitively able to solve problems, and our relationships are balanced. Whereas when we are in a state of heart incoherence, our heartbeat intervals are dissonant, and we may experience psychological difficulties, emotional imbalances, and consequently different forms of chaos in our life and relationships.


7 Ways To Bring Your Heart Into Coherence

Ever since I discovered this concept, I started paying more attention to My Heart and whether I am in a state of cardiac coherence or incoherence. It’s so interesting and I encourage you to experiment with this, as well.

Here are 9 ways to bring your Heart into Coherence:

1. Taking deep, slow breaths while focusing your attention on your Heart area
2. Invoking positive emotions such as love or gratitude, and fully feeling them with your whole Heart
3. Heartfelt Prayer
4. Meditation, especially if the focus is on the Heart
5. Exercise is also proven to be effective with creating Heart Coherence, when it involves tensing the muscles in a rhythmical manner
6. Vizualization of images and/or memories that evoke positive emotions
7. Journaling, especially while feeling connected to your Heart


Why Would We Want Heart Coherence?

In the last couple of weeks while I contemplated about Heart Coherence and I experimented with consciously creating this state, I’ve come to believe that this kind of practice can definitely create a better world. Taking responsibility for our individual state of being creates well-being not only for us, but also for our society.

The studies mentioned above in this article talk about the Heart’s electromagnetic field and how it influences people even from considerable distance. It’s fascinating to know that we can create so much good in our lives and for Humanity, when we are in a state of Heart Coherence.


My Heart Journal, The Perfect Tool

The time spent studying Heart Coherence inspired me to create My Heart Journal, as an essential part of this journey. I designed this journal with Heart Coherence in mind, as a tool to help us get into this state and stay there as much as possible.

The Heart Journal is also the perfect tool for diving deep into your psyche, expressing your creativity through writing, and gaining crystal clarity about your Life. It will help you become clear about what you desire from different areas of your life, and it will help you create the changes you wish to make in your life. Putting pen to paper is a powerful way to consciously create your life! Check all the details here.

My Heart Journal by Alma Lewtom


I hope you’ve enjoyed this article, and that it has been of value to you. See you next week, when we talk about intuition.

From My Heart To Your Heart,
With All The Love,



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    You have really created an amazing blog, and you’re a good writer!

  • Alma Lewtom

    Thank you, Emil! I really appreciate it!

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