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Art: The Form

Art: the matter of it is complex and multi-faceted, to say the least. What is Art? What makes the Artist? How does the Artist arrive to the composition that passes the test of time? How does the Artist find his Forms? These permeating questions can only be answered from that space of reflection and introspection, where ...

Spirit and Art

Having written a short essay on Spirit last week, it only comes natural that I now write about the connection between Spirit and Art. That is, because Creation in all its forms is deeply linked to the spiritual. Art is created following an inner urge towards Creation, and at its core it is an expression of ...
Spirit, the 5th Element

Spirit, the Element Connecting Everything in Existence

For the last month, I've been pondering about the alchemical elements of Water, Air, Fire and Earth. Thus, The Cleansing with the Elements Journey was born, a meditation series designed to help with releasing our troubles and restoring our state of being to peace of mind and love in our hearts. Throughout time, these four Elements ...
Resilience after Heartbreak

Resilience: The Strength To Get Back Up After Falling

While it would be great if our lives were full of happiness and sunshine all the time, the reality is that so many of us experience hardship and struggle. Difficult experiences might bring us down in dark places flavored with painful feelings such heartbreak or rage. The strongest of us do get back up after heartbreaking ...