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The Creative Process (II): Birthing

Welcome to the second part of this exploration of The Creative Process!

Last week we looked into the beginning phases of the creative process: Inception & Incubation. Now it’s time to dive into the second phase: Birthing.

Let’s continue:


Birthing, in Nature

Once the initial phase of incubation is completed, there comes the monumental time of birthing. When we look at nature, birth always brings with it an aura of wonder, reverence and mystery. When a being comes into the world, it brings forth new life force, new energy, new potential. One cannot but be astonished by the miracle of birth.

Birthing in itself is definitely not easy, nor void of pain. For us humans, there is blood, sweat, and even tears involved. Nevertheless, taking part in this life-creating miracle is too great for words.


When It Comes to Art

As I see it, the birth of a new creative project, a new idea, or a new artistic expression bears close resemblance to birthing in nature. The act of Creation is miraculous and awe-inspiring in itself. Bringing something new into existence may also involve sweat and hardship. Though not as challenging and physically painful as actual birth, Creation can be an intense experience leading to a profound metamorphosis within the creator and all the participants to the act.

The birthing phase of the creative process when it comes to Art refers to the actual creative act. Be it the painter painting, the writer writing, the actor acting—in those moments, Art is being birthed. When it comes from our authentic Self deep within, the acts of Creation can be profoundly transformative, even transcendent.



This being said, I hope you’ve enjoyed my insights on the second phase of The Creative Process: Birthing! I’m looking forward to hearing from you about your own unique creative process. I invite you to let me know in the comments below. I’m so curious to hear how it works for you!

With Love,

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