Alma Lewtom


Alma Lewtom is a self-taught artist born and raised in Romania, whose favorite mediums of expression are painting and the written word.
Her works are a subjective interpretation of her inner reality — a journal depicting her visions related to the stream of events influencing her life at the moment of Creation.
As formal education, she studied Foreign Languages & Literature at the University of Bucharest, and Design, Business & Technology at VIA Design in Denmark. She speaks 6 languages: Romanian, English, French, Polish, Danish, and a bit of Spanish.
Her first book Embraced by Love is a poetry volume comprised of 111 poems exploring 5 themes (I.Matters of Trauma and Justice, II. Matters of the Heart, III. Matters of Art, IV. Matters of Society and V. Matters of the Metaphysical), with each theme being accompanied by a watercolor illustration. Embraced by Love is a journey sculpted out of her life experience. A journey of moving through trauma, injustice, and heartbreak through to healing and back in the arms of Love.
Her second book – After The Storm Comes The Sun – is an illustrated children’s book about conflict resolution, dealing with difficult emotions, and creating repair after rupture in relationships.
Since she loves painting, she also offers Originals and Art Prints of her Work.
She sincerely hopes you love, enjoy and support the artistic endeavors signed with the pen name of Alma Lewtom.
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Alma Lewtom