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Humiliation: How to Recover From It

One of The 5 Soul Wounds, Humiliation is a form of degradation to the Self. This article explores the nature of this soul wound and how to heal it on the inner and outer levels.
Soul Wounds

The 5 Soul Wounds and How to Heal Them

At the basis of every hurt and trauma stands one of the 5 core soul wounds: Humiliation, Injustice, Rejection, Abandonment, and Betrayal. This article explores these 5 Soul Wounds and How To Heal Them.
Spirit, the 5th Element

Spirit, the Element Connecting Everything in Existence

Throughout time, the four Elements (Water, Air, Fire, and Earth) have been considered as the "Cardinal Points" of material existence. In alchemical tradition, there has also been the question of whether there is a fifth Element: Spirit. This article explores Spirit as the Fifth Element.
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