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FLOW (III): Why Do That?

Welcome to the third and final part of The Flow Experience!

In the previous articles, we’ve discussed about What Is The Flow Experience, and How Do We Get There. Now it’s time for the final part: Why Do That?

Let’s dive in:


A Life Lived Within Flow Is A Life Well-Lived

I’ve come to believe that a Life lived within Flow is a life well-lived. I know how alive, vibrant and full of zest and vitality I feel when I am in this state of being.

And I also know how it’s like when I’m out of alignment. Everything gets messy when I don’t live true to myself. I’ve lived on both sides of the spectrum, and I know which one I prefer.

I definitely prefer doing my best to consciously create The Flow Experience in my Life, and to get myself into alignment with my true Self when I notice I’ve gotten off track.


It’s Our Birthright To Flow With The Universe

I’ve also come to believe it’s our birthright to Flow with the Universe. I believe we are meant to do the activities that bring us profound joy and connect us to the awe-inspiring feeling of being alive within a body.

The Flow Experience is ultimately aligning yourself with your divine nature and letting it shine through you and around you. And I believe it’s our birthright to do this as much as we can while we are here, on the planet.


So… Why Flow?

Ultimately, the only one who can truly answer this question is you. You are the only one who knows Your Heart’s Truest Desires and what Flowing with the Universe means for you. You are the only one who knows why Flow – all you have to do is access your innate wisdom and answer this question for yourself at the right moment of your life journey here on Earth. And I hope that these few insights put on paper and then on the World Wide Web have been useful for you in this process ♡


This is it! I hope you’ve enjoyed this 3-part Essay Series on the The Flow Experience! What did you think about it? Has it inspired or helped you in any way? I invite you to let me know in the comments below. I’d be happy to hear from you!

Thank You for Flowing Together,

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