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Creativity Unleashed (III): Let It Be

Welcome to the third and final part of Creativity Unleashed!

In the previous articles, we’ve talked about The Blank Page, and then about Doing The Work. Now it’s time to have a look at the final part: Let It Be, which corresponds to the Growing phase of The Creative Process.

Let’s dive in:


It’s Your Responsibility to Share Your Work With The World

It’s your responsibility is to do the work, and then give it to the world. If you have that creative force within you wanting to come out and express itself, it’s your job to show up and let it out.

Many times we are blocked in our Creative Process, and we stifle our Creativity, because are afraid of how the world will respond. People will interact with your work and respond to it depending on their level of consciousness and perception. You cannot control how they will take it. But not doing the creative work you want to do affects you, for sure. Don’t let your fear of judgment stop you from doing what you were born to do.


Let The World Take It As It Will

Will you have the same fate as Van Gogh, and not sell that much during your lifetime, and then your work will make fortunes for other people after your death? Could be.

Will you become rich and famous, and not be able to have your privacy respected because of the paparazzi? I guess that happens mostly to pop stars, but yeah – could be.

Or will you keep putting your work there, and then… crickets? That could also be.

Will you become the target of harsh criticism and even hatred on the internet because you put your work into the world? That, too.

Or will Humanity appreciate your creative endeavors and reflect back to you the love you put in your gifts giving?

What matters is you showing up to do the work, and then giving it to the World. Let the World take it as it will.


Do The Work, then Let It Be

Do The Work, then Let It Be. This is how I see it. I feel it’s a lot healthier for me then pretending to be someone whom I am not, or trying to not do what I really want to do. How the World responds to my creative endeavors is out of my jurisdiction.

And this is what I can tell my younger self who was consumed by the fear of judgment, crippled by the fear of criticism, and afraid of poverty, resisting her calling instead of doing the work. And this is what I can tell my fellow brothers and sisters who feel called to Create with Love:

Do The Work, then Let It Be.


This is it! I hope you’ve enjoyed this 3-part Essay Series on Creativity Unleashed! And I hope it has helped you Unleash your Creativity if you needed that. I look forward to hearing from you about it. I invite you to let me know in the comments below. I’m curious to hear how you take it! Haha.

Much Love,

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