Alma Lewtom


Self and Other

Self & Other: About Consciousness

If we are to continue the discussion about Identity and the reflection on the subject of who we are, we inevitably arrive to also think about Self and Other. In this short essay on Self and Other, I'll pinpoint a few insights distilled from my direct life experiences, years of intellectual study and spiritual practice:   Self and ...

The Art of Re-Inventing Yourself Again and Again

With the beginning of this new year, I find myself contemplating about identity and this idea of re-inventing yourself. Reflecting on the subject of who we are and who we want to be seems to me to be a key starting point on setting the directions for a whole new year ahead.   About Identity When it comes ...

Reflections and Directions

As always when the year approaches its end, a wave of holiday frenzy rides human society. Preparations for Christmas and New Year's are in motion, and gifts are on everyone's mind. The end of the year brings for me lots of joy together with beloved family and friends, and gratitude for all the blessings in my ...
Meaning of Art

Art: The Meaning

The Form, the Substance, and now, the Meaning. What is the significance of Art? Why is Art meaningful? Let's uncover some insights about this topic:   Meaning in Art I feel that when it comes to the significance of Art, it comes to the relationship between the subject and the object. The Art and the Artist. The Artist, The Art, ...
Alma Lewtom