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Spirit and Art

Having written a short essay on Spirit last week, it only comes natural that I now write about the connection between Spirit and Art. That is, because Creation in all its forms is deeply linked to the spiritual.

Art is created following an inner urge towards Creation, and at its core it is an expression of Spirit.


Art Stems from a Spiritual Impulse To Create

Vibrant Art, that transcends space and time and reaches the universal truths which touch the Human Soul at a profound level always begins as a spiritual impulse to create. A seed that germinates inside the Artist, and grows until he gives it outward expression.

The Creative Spirit of the Universe gives the Artist gentle nudges towards Creation. Feeling them as yearnings of the Soul, the Artist then proceeds to explore the deep inner space where the Creation will come into being, and then bring it to outer existence.

He might succumb to Resistance, until he learns to sail the waters of Creation and rise above this blocking force. The Artist may try to shut down this urge, but it shall still be there, nudging him to create his Art.


The Manifestation of Spirit Through Art

Just as we could pinpoint Spirit as an Emanation of Divine Light, we could consider genuine Art as an Emanation of Spirit.

This is also the reason why more than often, the subjective reality of the Artist is so translucent in his Art. And yet why at a closer look, the universal themes that the artworks encompass appear to their surface.

All Art regardless of the medium of expression is a spiritual manifestation, with the Artist being the funnel through which this process occurs. By being the vein that brings the creations from the spiritual space to the physical, the Artist also imbues it with his DNA. His personality and uniqueness shine through the universality.


Spirit in my Art

All my paintings and poems are reflections of my inner subjective reality, and they depict moments of my spiritual journey on the Earth plane. Every work has a story behind it, as I explain when you glance at my Originals and Limited Edition Art Prints.

For me, there is a deep connection between Art and Spirit. Each time I embark on a creative project, I feel that Spirit is creating through me. Through my eyes and hands and body. It is all Spirit extending itself to the Heart of the Matter.

Whether you are an Artist or not, I hope that the Spirit in Us All will guide you to create your most brilliant Life. Sending you blessings,


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