Alma Lewtom

I am an artist and my favorite mediums of expression are painting and the written word.

I’ve always felt the impulse to create, even as a child. Some of my earliest memories are about crafting my own nibs out of birds’ feathers that I’d then dip in ink. I loved the feel of the nib on paper.

I’m a life-long reader — I read my first words at the age of 2. I’ve spent countless hours with my attention in books. Books have always been like my best friends.

This is also why I wanted to learn to speak different languages. Other than Romanian, my native language, I speak English, French, Polish, and Spanish. I used to speak Danish, too, but I don’t speak it anymore — it’s a long story.

Well, I’ve always found profound joy in reading works that touch the heart and soul, as well as in writing, but it was only at the age of 22 when I discovered by a fortunate coincidence that I can paint, and that I also adore it immensely.

I was in a village close to my hometown, for a few days, with my sister and some friends. We were visiting friends of a friend, who were working at the restoration of the murals of the monastery nearby. One evening, after work, they brought a blank canvas and painting materials, because one of the nuns had asked them to paint a gift for someone. They did not really want to — they had painted all day. My sister and I took on the challenge, and it felt awesome.

I’ve evolved so much since then. I’ve filled pages and pages with ink, and I’ve also started creating paintings with watercolor, acrylics, or oil on canvas.

The thing was, when I was about to sign my works, I just couldn’t do it with my parents’ given name. So I started thinking about the name that’d feel best to sign my works with. This is how Alma Lewtom came into being. Alma, meaning soul in Latin, and Lewtom, a variation of the oldest root I found for Light — in proto-indo-european.

For years and years though, I struggled with this sense of “not good enough”, stemming from harsh criticism — from both myself and many other people in my life. My heart really wanted me to create, but this feeling, plus everyone around me discouraging me, because “artists die of hunger”, and the fear of persecution — this led me to run away from my heart’s deepest desire and to follow other paths.

That, until my misery became unbearable, because resisting my calling and stifling my true inner voice led me to suffering.

And so, I started to let go of any reason that would keep me from creating and I started to do it every day. A bit today, a bit everyday, in between school and jobs and social responsibilities. I’ve decided I will keep doing it and I’m so much happier. Of course, I’d also love to support myself from my Art — to live my calling and to evolve, without worrying about paying the bills. Yes, I’d be delighted over the moon to support myself and the causes I believe in from my creations.

In a nutshell, this is who I am. I’m so happy you’re here — you’ve found the doorway to my inner world. I hope you’ll enjoy peaking into it. And if you’d like to hear more from me, drop me your email address below to receive an exclusive letter with my weekly insights: